Monday, 13 June 2011

Featured in Completely London

I'm very excited to see my work featured in the latest edition of award winning Completely London Magazine. The article is quoted below.

Typographical artist Ursula Hitz puts your borough on the map – created exclusively for Completely London
Swiss-born artist and resident Londoner Ursula Hitz has a way with words. Her distinctive brand of prose reaches beyond paperbacks and on to the city maps she creates out of a visually charming jumble of hand lettering. There’s order among the apparent chaos, as the typography represents the boroughs that make up each city – Zurich, New York and Paris have all been laid out. Why the passion for place names? ‘I love becoming fixated on their intricacies, before taking a step back and seeing a bigger structure evolve,’ she explains. ‘Unlike regular maps, mine don’t focus on streets or buildings. Instead, they build an organic texture of words that grow from the centre – in the way that most cities have grown.’ · Donna Hardie

The readers' edition (limited edition of 100, signed and numbered, black/pearl blue), is now available at CultureLabel and Seagull Hut.