Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The answer I was looking for

'The answer I was looking for' traces the shifting, ghostly phrases Google Predictive Search (Google Instant) suggests when, letter by letter, a beautiful, unique or profound question is typed in. Collaborative project by aka Seagull & Sword - Takooba and Ursula Hitz.
More info on takooba/the-answer-i-was-looking-for

Print #1 Hotmail. - How do I know the contents of my heart?
Print #2 Do a barrel roll. - Do I hear god or the devil calling me?
Print #3 Is David Guetta dead? - Is there a clear blue sky above all this trouble?

limited editions of 100, signed and numbered, printed on Hahnemühle Etching paper,
42 cm x 59 cm, delivered rolled in postal tube, fits into a standard A2 frame, available at Seagull Hut.