Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Exhibition at Deli X, Deptford

left to right: Street Marks (b-sights x Heloise Acher, photo collage), The Answer I was looking for #1 (Seagull&Sword x Takooba, giclee print), Tarmac (b-sights x Heloise Acherphoto collage), Blue (b-sights x Heloise Acher, photo collage), NYC Map (Ursula Hitz, screen print), bottom: The Answer I was looking for #2 (giclee print, Seagull&Sword x Takooba)

Deptford High Street, (b-sights x Ursula Hitz, photo collage
SOLD at the showdown

Showdown evening 31st May '13, Anne and Russel sitting in front of the entrance before handing out flyers. 

Above are a few photos of our recent show at my local deli; Deli X, Deptford high street. On display (extended until 15th June) are recent photo collages by b-sights.co.uk, Seagull&Sword and some of my typographic map prints. 

Delicious Deptford Market inspired bites were served at the showdown by Sonia and the team at Deli X. It included spring-rolls, mini-toads in the hole, and spicy mini portions of Jamaican ackee and saltfish - which were just as well received by the guests as the art on the walls. Thank you to everyone who has helped making the event happen, to those who helped out on the night and to all the guests for turning up :)

If you haven't got the chance to go and see the show, view our prints and collages at b-sights.co.uk and ursulahitz.com