Thursday, 13 March 2014

Looking Down

from Heloise's photo blog

The canvas under our feet is subject of Héloise Acher's expanding photo blog called regard/discard. Her photographs frame street surfaces as constantly evolving piece of accidental art. They portray the street; its harsh textures, cracks and blemishes. The close-ups also show the street as a display for apparently worthless, lost, used-up, discarded objects. Compositions of these elements which could be summarised as mainly junk, allude to countless untold urban stories. 
The scattered, trampled-on, damaged objects and surfaces are in juxtaposition with the careful way they have been photographed, creating an unsettling aesthetic quality. 
Héloise walks and takes pictures on London's and Paris' streets. regard/discard is part of the B-sights project. Visit the blog.